About Athens Festivals

(Athens, Greece)

Athens is a major tourist destination steeped in history, offering visitors to the city a host of seasonal festivals and events, including parades, carnivals and religious fiestas.

Popular festivals in Athens include the following events.

Annual Athens Festivals

  • March: Independence Day and Evangelismos, taking place each year on March 25th, with colourful processions remembering the 1821 revolt against the Ottoman empire
  • April: Greece Easter, featuring a range of festivities throughout Athens, with many religious events and parades on Good Friday and Easter Sunday
  • April: Acropolis Rally, taking place at the end of the month in the mountains that surround much of the city
  • May: Protomagia, held on May 1st each year, with a range of event for all ages on this May Day
  • May to September: Athens Festival, long event with a range of theatrical performances and live music
  • July and August: Ionnina Cultural Summer, a notable arts and culture festival, with outdoor concerts and exhibitions
  • October: Agios Dimitrios, taking place each year on October 26th, marking the end of the sheep grazing season in the Athens area

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