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A vast city with a population of around four million, Athens is famous throughout the world for its spectacular ruins and historic structures. Standing on the southeastern coast of Greece, the city of Athens is a major tourist hotspot and consists of many significant districts.

Athens Orientation: Layout and Directions

Surrounded by a number of large mountains, such as Aigaleo, Hymettus and Pentelikon, Athens is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, which lies along the city's western side. Dry for the majority of the year, the Ilissus River runs through Athens and is a notable point of reference.

One of the most popular parts of Athens, the Monastiraki district is a particularly scenic spot, standing nearby Plaka, the city's lively old town which was founded more than 5,000 years ago and is close to the Acropolis. Those looking for nightlife in Athens should head to the Psyrri district, which is home to a large selection of trendy bars and clubs, being just a short walk from both Monastiraki and Plaka.

Orientation and Map of Greece

Orientation and Map of Athens

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